Replacement Seatbelts & Buckles

If you are interested in replacement seatbelts & buckles, then you are likely already using them and may be familiar with the products. If this is your first time seeking replacement units, we suggest that you contact us first to confirm that you order the proper product.

In rare occurrences, the wrong units may have been mounted initially; or, someone may have replaced units incorrectly. We suggest that you send photos of both the retractor (seatbelt) and the buckle (female) as they are currently mounted. We will review the application and insure that you are using the best available products. You can also check for our white ID tag, sewn to the end of the retractor webbing, near the male tongue. Our ID tag has our part number denoted.

Part of the reason we do not offer direct on-line ordering, is to make sure our customers are using the proper product for their application.

Below are photos of our most commonly used retractors and buckles:

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