Custom Fixed Length Straps

Custom Fixed Length Straps

Stop using a generic strap that you have to “make work”. MPP will create a cost effective solution that is uniquely designed to meet your needs!

Often times, a retractable seatbelt restraint is not the best option for safely securing cargo.

MPP can create customized strapping to suit all your exact needs−customizing straps of virtually any length, width, or color while terminating the ends with the hardware that best suits your specific application needs. We can affix Velcro, J-hooks, S-hooks, snuggers, ratchets, or a myriad of other devices to the webbing of your choice−creating a strap that fits your exact requirements.

Our custom component page illustrates a variety of devices we inventory to use for demanding custom applications. If you do not see the component you require, give us a call.

Custom Strap Hardware Products

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Midwest Precision Products (MPP), was acquired in 2023 by Heico Companies and is part of Ancra Cargo.

MPP specializes in providing manufactured goods and services to a wide variety of industrial customers, including the Material Handling Industry.


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