Why Returnable Pallets & Seatbelts?

Economically, socially, and environmentally reusable packing systems continue to trend upward for today’s manufacturing entities with a rapid return on investment (ROI) vs. antiquated expendable options such as wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, shrink wrap, packing tape, banding, and self-adhesive labels.

Today’s reusable packaging solutions include: reusable pallets, racks, bulk containers, hand-held containers, and dunnage that move product efficiently and safely throughout the supply chain. Typically constructed of durable materials such as metal, plastic or wood, reusable packaging is designed to withstand the rough handling of a typical logistics system across a multitude of years.

Whereas there is an upfront cost vs. traditional expendable solutions, it also represents a capital investment and is therefore subject to depreciation. Notably, because it is a reusable asset, a rapid return on investment and a lower cost-per-trip is achieved vs. single-use expendable packaging.

Substantial benefits of returnable and reusable packaging systems include: product protection, ergonomics, durability, potential automated interface, safety, and the reduction of solid waste. In addition to the “green” benefits of eliminating landfill waste and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, significant annual direct disposal costs are eliminated.

Additionally, labor cost reductions are also realized by reducing time intensive activities such as unpacking parts, consolidating and separating waste, and transporting it out of the plant.The ability to increase line speed and affect productivity may also provide vital advantages via streamlining integrated in-process and outbound material handling systems.

The bottom line is that many of today’s progressive companies are finding substantial gain in application, environmental, and cost benefits vs. expendable packaging systems. Midwest Precision Products is proud to be at the forefront of this upward trend with our innovative and revolutionary “Seatbelts for Pallets” product line.

Returnable Pallets & Seatbelts

Returnable Pallets & Seatbelts

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