Testing Laboratory

With a core objective of ensuring our industry leading quality standards, a state-of-the–art testing laboratory was launched at MPP in 2015.

The facility features custom made testing laboratory devices engineered for two main purposes:

I: Performance Standards: All MPP products must meet the highest performance specifications set by select customers and industry standards. Comprehensive testing is conducted upon each new lot of manufactured products to make certain that these performance standards are met−before the products are made available for sale to our customers.

II: Experimental Testing: On-going product improvements and innovations are rigorously tested in our laboratory before permanent implementation into our products to ensure maximum performance and quality goals.

Testing of retractors & buckles includes:

  • Tensile testing of both retractor & buckle assemblies to ultimate strength/failure
  • Shock testing of mated retractor-buckles
  • Load Drop force testing of mated retractor-buckles
  • Engagement force of retractor tongues into buckles
  • Dis-engagement forces measured of retractor tongue from buckle
  • Duty cycle testing of retractors and buckles
  • Fit-Form-Function testing of retractor webbing extension, working length, locking and un-locking to requisite standards

Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory

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